Florida Voters to Decide on Recreational Marijuana Legalization in 2024 Ballot

In just a few months, Floridians will have the opportunity to vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. Amendment 3, which will appear on the November 2024 ballot, seeks to allow individuals 21 and older to possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate.

The amendment has faced some challenges in Florida’s Supreme Court, but it is now poised to go before voters. Smart & Safe Florida, the organization backing the amendment, has already released four ads advocating for its passage. The ads emphasize the potential benefits of legalization, including the generation of billions of dollars for schools and safer communities.

Marijuana is currently legal in Florida for medical purposes only, and individuals must have a Medical Marijuana ID Card to purchase and use it. However, possession of marijuana without a card is still illegal, and individuals caught with 20 grams or less can face up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines.

If Amendment 3 passes, the state legislature will have to decide on how to implement the law, including setting regulations around possession limits, potency, marketing, and other concerns. There may also be legal challenges designed to interrupt the codification and implementation of the law.

The process of enacting a successful referendum into law can take several months, so even if Amendment 3 passes, marijuana may not become legal in Florida immediately. However, the prospect of legalization has generated significant interest and debate in the state, and voters will have the final say on whether to make it a reality.